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Tasha Brown

Ayara | Co-Founder | American Fork | 38

Tasha Brown is a transformer of spaces. Alongside Lori Frost, the two co-founders crafted a wallpaper company that collaborates closely with interior designers, builders and influencer partnerships. Ayara has been featured in the Parade of Homes multiple times (including this year!) and scaled to 400% growth rate from 2023, now including 22 worldwide artists and an all-female team of 10+ installers. But before entering interior design, Tasha graduated in social work. Her specific focus was bringing awareness to sex trafficking and helping rehabilitate minors in Utah. Her philanthropic heart still beats, as she oversees Ayara’s give-back program, which has worked with the Children’s Justice Center, the Cougar Project and other local organizations. For Tasha and the Ayara team, it’s not just about the wallpaper.

MAIN MOTIVATION I want to change the landscape of women in my state. We have so many talented women who are needing to provide for their families but don’t know the right avenues or have the confidence they can do it. I want to provide access to resources and funding for them. PERSONAL GROWTH I used to struggle with playing small throughout my life. My career has allowed me to have the confidence to step into my power. COMBATING DOUBT I take a day each month just to be — to reset. I have found that my greatest ideas come on this day. It’s easy to get down as an entrepreneur. There are high-highs and low-lows that come with starting your own business, and at times, it can get lonely. I have found that relying on great friendships for mentorship and going to God have been critical for me when I feel discouraged. CAREER DREAM To sell off my company in 5-10 years and have the time freedom to then provide mentorship for startups/young entrepreneurs and help them fund their dreams. GOOD BIZ ADVICE Success is what you achieve by the person you become. Focus on growing you, and your business will follow suit. MENTOR WINS My dad. He has always been the hardest worker in the room. He taught me the value of working hard, always learning and evolving, making people feel special, and creating meaningful relationships. LIVING LEGACY I hope I leave the legacy of never giving up and just taking the risk. You are one decision away from completely changing your life for the better.