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Trevor Crump

Bestie AI, Bestie Media, LOR Jewelry | Co-Founder | Alpine | 36

Meet Trevor Crump, your new Bestie. From the Bestie AI software to the Bestie Media marketing agency, Trevor offers cutting-edge, scalable marketing strategies for e-commerce businesses. He and Mark Goldhardt also run The Unstoppable Marketer podcast, covering topics from marketing ethics to the psychology behind brand identity — and he’s speaking from experience, living firsthand the ups and downs of the industry. Trevor was one of the original partners who helped with the launching and rebranding of Asher Golf, is a former CMO for Fawn Design, and he grew Bestie Media to 7-figures within the first 18 months of business. The marketing world uses the word ‘bestie’ to describe Trevor.

MAIN MOTIVATION My family. I want to give them a life that gives them as many opportunities as possible. PERSONAL GROWTH Biggest way I’ve grown was by understanding my priorities. When I launched my first venture (my first time being an “entrepreneur”) I worked from 8 a.m. to 2 a.m. every day. I stopped spending time with my family because I had to work to make things better for them. About 18 months into living like that, I realized I had missed so much of my kids’ lives and I wasn’t spending as much time with my wife. I realized that I could have a successful career and a successful family life — I just needed to prioritize the most important things first. Now, I never sacrifice a minute of my time with my family. They know how much more important they are than the things I do. SHARPER SKILLS Content creation is a skill I’ve honed. I never thought I was creative. I didn’t think I had it in me to get in front of a camera and tell stories and even edit those stories. But now I’ve done that for over three years and it’s one of the biggest business drivers to our brands. COMBATING DOUBT I have a really great spouse that I talk to every day. PRINCIPLES OF SUCCESS Faith, family, amazing business partners, sleep and a really good morning routine (cliche on that last part). GOOD BIZ ADVICE Be a giver, not a taker. MENTOR WINS I wouldn’t call them mentors, but I look up to the founders over at The Spacestation in Kaysville, especially Sean Holladay. What they do up there from team building to how they build their business is very inspiring. LIVING LEGACY I want to be known as the guy who did everything he could for his family, no questions asked. I want e-commerce brands to be able to say they got to work with me and if it wasn’t for our help they wouldn’t be where they are today.