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Ryder Olsen

Modwella | Founder + CEO | Lehi | 38

Ryder Olsen, DO, is throwing a wrench — an innovative and a beneficial wrench — into healthcare services. Modwella, founded by Ryder, his wife Josilyn, and Jake Rasmussen, is an in-home concierge health and wellness service. Ryder has consistently and authentically been focused on serving others for his entire career. After completing medical school and residency, he became a board certified Emergency Medicine physician. He served our country in the Army and cared for soldiers in Iraq, then started Modwella in 2021. Modwella’s beginnings included a few nurses and himself serving Utah County, and now employs 150 nurses in nine states — with a goal to bring services to the entire United States. His day-to-day work looks like developing new services and protocols, recruiting healthcare professionals, managing relationships and contracts, expansion planning and medical legal research. Wellness is on its way, thanks to Ryder and the full Modwella team.

MAIN MOTIVATION To change the delivery of healthcare in a more convenient and efficient way that focuses on connection. PERSONAL GROWTH A way I’ve grown is by being able to take the ups and downs without so much emotional and personal life disruption. SHARPER SKILLS A skill I’ve gained is speaking to groups, and navigating the difficult conversations without letting them ruin my whole day. CODE RED In a crisis, we have learned first, not to panic, and second, laying out the path with baby steps to find a solution. COMBATING DOUBT I combat doubt with positive self talk and focusing on things I can control. CAREER DREAM Expanding Modwella services into every state in the U.S. PRINCIPLES OF SUCCESS The client comes first. Focus on solutions not problems. Persistence and consistency. GOOD BIZ ADVICE Enjoy the journey and never give up. CAUTIONARY TALES I don’t recall any poor business advice, but I feel like there were many people trying to instill fear about stepping outside the box. MENTOR WINS My dad, who showed me the value of hard work. LIVING LEGACY I hope my legacy is that I developed a great service for clients and a fulfilling job for healthcare professionals that created a connection that our current medical system is lacking.