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Paighton Moffitt

RevRoad | Project Manager | Provo | 26

Seventy-seven portfolio companies and over 150 events a year. At 26 years old, Paighton Moffitt is executing her role as project manager at RevRoad (overseeing events, projects and day-to-day operations) as close to “perfect” as possible, with her team of three other women. Over four years ago, Paighton was on her honeymoon when she received a call from Amy Caldwell, co-founder at RevRoad, about urgently wanting to interview her for a position at RevRoad. Paighton promised that if they could wait for her to return from her trip, she would be worth the wait — and she was right. This winter will mark her thousandth successfully executed event! On top of these successes, Paighton’s proudest milestone was welcoming her baby boy into the world in 2022. From motherhood to project management, talk about girl power!

PERSONAL GROWTH I confidently advocate for myself and my vision without hesitation, even in environments with executives who are much older and more experienced than me. I have no problem disagreeing, sharing my forward thinking, outlining my plan and committing to succeeding. CODE RED Being able to keep cool under pressure is essential in my field. Once, a caterer overlooked the correct date for our event. Upon realizing their oversight and failure to fulfill our order, we faced the urgent need to provide food for 150 attendees FAST. I reached out to another trusted caterer from our list of preferred vendors, and they prepared an amazing buffet to serve to our guests. Nobody ever knew that the lunch they enjoyed was not what we initially planned! PRINCIPLES OF SUCCESS Each week, my team and I meet for a brainstorming session. We discuss forthcoming events and projects, identify priorities and offer support and guidance to one another. We love utilizing Asana to input our tasks where we specify deadlines and task details. CAUTIONARY TALES “Don’t be a perfectionist!” Worst advice ever. Every workshop, caterer, theme, giveaway, etc. has been meticulously thought out before making a decision. This skill is what makes me successful and frankly just dang good at my job. LIVING LEGACY I want to challenge the stereotype that women cannot succeed in the corporate world, breaking barriers and paving the way for future generations. It’s possible to be a kick-ass mom and a kick-ass employee — you don’t have to pick between the two.