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Ryan LeCheminant

Shriners Children’s | Executive Director, Ambulatory Operations System  Vineyard | 35

Ryan LeCheminant’s resume is lookin’ healthy — literally. His last position was as COO at Vista Healthcare, and around the time this magazine was published, he began a new journey at Shriners Children’s. He is staying on with Vista as an advisor, but is excited with new responsibilities where he will help establish and build Shriner’s medical group and ambulatory operations. He left an indelible mark on healthcare through his work at Vista, including overseeing the entire process of opening the Vineyard Surgical Center. He’s proud to have been a member of Vista, which won multiple “Best of Utah’’ awards, where he was able to support operational and financial aspects of Vista’s service lines, clinics and ambulatory surgery centers. With the fresh transition to Shriners, Ryan will continue to live out his personal mission statement: “Lead with compassion and empathy, empowering my team to reach their full potential.”

SHARPER SKILLS Leadership is centered on learning and loving. Falling in love with the process of becoming and having patience with myself and my teams was not as natural for me early on. We’re all at different spots in our journey of becoming, and loving others during this process as a leader is crucial in helping others become their very best. COMBATING DOUBT Rounding with my teams and observing patient care always helps bring me back to my why, lifts and re-invigorates me. My family helps keep my time and priorities balanced — that I work to live and not live to work. There’s nothing like your babies jumping into your arms shouting, “Daddy’s home, Daddy’s home!” GOOD BIZ ADVICE Sports have played an impactful role throughout my life — participating in them and coaching our own kids. The ability to be coached, executing under pressure, the desire to improve and learn, the aptitude to lead and be led as part of a team are all lessons I’ve learned through sports. One of my coaches used to tell us, “Always bring your swagger! But check your ego at the door, because at the end of the day, it’s all about the team!” PRINCIPLES OF SUCCESS In working with my teams, one of the foundational principles I emphasize is our ability to consistently be brilliant on the basics. As we master the basics day in and day out, everything else will come along.