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Trevor Davis

Pura | Sr. Director of Research + Development | Pleasant Grove | 29

The path to Pura was not linear for Trevor Davis — but one he is grateful for. His dream was originally to become a doctor, and he initially worked tirelessly to make it a reality. But in the end, he shifted gears and joined Pura as the first product employee! A handful of his highlights at Pura? Trevor created and launched Pura’s digital e-commerce product suite from scratch, and also restructured the product pricing and subscription model, hired and led a team to integrate the Pura app, IoT device and website, and created a new product category — turning Pura into a multi-device company. In other words, he has played a major role in contributing to the growth of one of the fastest-growing companies in Utah. Pura recently honored Trevor as the “Fragrance Astronaut.” He’s taking the company to infinity and beyond.

MAIN MOTIVATION My wife and son are my greatest inspirations. Their love and joy encourage me to work hard and create better experiences at home and in my professional life. PERSONAL GROWTH I’ve grown in recognizing the needs of the business without needing to always discuss them with other leaders. This capability has allowed me to flag potential problems early and ensure we’re all moving in the same direction. CODE RED On my birthday in 2019, we received a 500-unit order from our manufacturer. All of these products had already been sold in pre-orders, and we needed to get them shipped ASAP. Our issue was the magnets were falling off the covers, so the lids weren’t staying on. A quick stop at the dollar store for some super glue, and our team of five spent the day at the warehouse gluing the magnets back into place. Our customers received their products on time and this highlighted our team’s dedication and resourcefulness in the early days. GOOD BIZ ADVICE “If everything is a priority, nothing is a priority.” This wisdom has been crucial in helping me focus on what truly matters. It reminds me to prioritize tasks effectively, ensuring that the most important work gets the attention it deserves. LIVING LEGACY I hope to leave behind a legacy of innovation and empathy, where the products I developed significantly improved people’s lives. I want to be remembered as a leader who fostered a culture of continuous learning, open communication and teamwork, inspiring others to reach their full potential and make a positive impact on the world.