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Michael Sorensen

Trove Brands + Trove Nutrition | CEO | Lehi | 36

Brand mastery runs in the Sorensen family’s blood. In 2023, when Trove Brands co-founders Kim and Steve Sorensen transitioned to board leadership roles, their son Michael stepped up as CEO. Michael had previously crafted winning ideas as VP of Marketing for Trove, and now he leads six brands under Trove Brands and Trove Nutrition: BlenderBottle, Whiskware, Ecobrite, Oath Nutrition, Canoo Kids nutrition, and Owala — which BusinessQ honored as 2024’s Marketer of the Year. There is something in the water (bottles) at Trove leading to massive growth and brand popularity, and Michael is at the helm of the world-class Trove crew.

PROUDEST ACCOMPLISHMENTS Led out in the development, launch and/or growth of seven consumer packaged goods brands in my career with strong, global distribution; written a best-selling book that’s been translated into over 14 languages (“I Hear You”); developed a variety of communication and relationship courses and a podcast; been invited to speak at organizations such as L’Oreal and the U.S. Navy; and helped build a world-class team at Trove. MAIN MOTIVATION I love to create. Turning ideas — especially wild ideas — into reality brings me great satisfaction. PERSONAL GROWTH I’ve become much more comfortable being imperfect. I had leadership opportunities early on in my career, but felt major impostor syndrome knowing I had much to learn. Over the years, I’ve learned to appreciate and play to my strengths, and surround myself with people who are strong where I am weak. PRINCIPLES OF SUCCESS 1) Everything is possible. If you want something badly enough, you’ll find a way to get it. 2) If emotions are running high, validate before jumping to arguments, advice or feedback. 3) Action cures fear. 4) Details matter. Oftentimes it’s the little refinements that take a product or experience from average to phenomenal. GOOD BIZ ADVICE Sleep on big decisions. No matter the decision or the urgency, it’s wise to make a decision, then wait 24 hours before executing to be sure it still feels right. MENTOR WINS My parents. They co-founded several companies — including and especially Trove — and I’ve been a witness to their hard work all my life. They’ve shown me, by word and by example, what it takes to lead a successful company. COMBATING DOUBT I have a framed copy of Theodore Roosevelt’s “Man in the Arena” in my office. I refer to it often.