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Emma (Corbett) McBrier

Entrata | Director of Talent Acquisition | Lehi | 30

Emma (Corbett) McBrier refers to herself as an Entrata boomerang, starting in 2018, leaving for a short time, then returning in 2020. Taking a look at 2024 now, she has built her talent team from a meager four to 15 members across the U.S. and India. Together, they are superheroes working with Entrata leaders to raise the talent bar and continue to elevate Entrata as the leading operation system in multifamily housing worldwide. Outside of the office, Emma finds fulfillment in her volunteer work for the American Cancer Society where she raises funds for the Hope Lodge in Salt Lake (and at which she organizes Entrata employee volunteer opportunities quarterly). At work and outside of it, Emma is all about people.

MAIN MOTIVATION I feel for candidates and employers on the ups and downs of the job search process. I love being part of the solution of matching great talent to an opportunity that can really enhance their career, all while creating a good experience whether or not they get the job. PERSONAL GROWTH When I first stepped into my role, I was managing three team members in the U.S. Within three months, we had a new CEO and I needed to grow my team and start leading a team in India. I remember my boss at the time telling me I needed to step up and find a solution to some of the challenges we were facing. My immediate reaction was, “I’m not your girl. I don’t know anything about global leadership.” His response is something I’ll never forget: “Well, we think you can.” CAREER DREAM I would love to be a VP of Talent or a Head of People someday. If that doesn’t work out, my two besties and I are fully planning to open a bed and breakfast somewhere in the mountains! PRINCIPLES OF SUCCESS Relationships first, work second. I strongly believe that if work is secondary to your working relationship with someone, it opens up more transparent and direct solutions when you come across problems that need to be solved. GOOD BIZ ADVICE Remain curious. I’ve learned there are often 100 different ways to accomplish things, so giving people freedom to show you their way is very empowering! CAUTIONARY TALES I had an experience where I had two job offers on the table. One person told me to always take the easier route if the compensation is the same. I ended up taking the more difficult job and I learned and grew so much in that time! The “easy route” may pay off in the short term, but it doesn’t always in the long run.