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Jacob Baadsgaard

Disruptive Advertising | Founder + CEO | Pleasant Grove | 39

Jacob Baadsgaard may run a marketing agency, but he’s truly in the business of activating the greatness in people. “I love seeing people take new risks, and my business is an excellent environment to do that in,” he says. At Disruptive Advertising, his work is to set a clear vision and ensure he has the right team that knows how to execute — and execute they do! Disruptive Advertising has made the Inc. 500 and 5000 list, the BusinessQ UV50 Fastest-Growing list, and has over 90 clients who have trusted the company with their business for 4 years or more each. Jacob and the team at Disruptive refuse to play it safe — and that’s how they’re winning.

LIVING LEGACY I wish to leave a legacy of an environment that supports people remembering and living in alignment with who they are, not the life they think everyone else expects of them. PERSONAL GROWTH I love every stage of my journey and I would put it into three buckets: First, live the life and build the business that I thought I was supposed to that would make everyone else happy. Second, learning how to be happy myself and live life in a way authentic to me. Third, loving the practice of helping others along their journeys of self discovery. SHARPER SKILLS My ability to listen has grown tremendously over the years. I used to listen only for the opportunity to respond and tell people what they should do next. Now, my favorite part of life and business is connecting with people and understanding them at a deep level, and watching them solve their own challenges. CODE RED I remember getting a phone call right before I was about to lose cell phone coverage, informing me that we made a $500,000 mistake. I took a big breath and told them I trusted them to figure it out, and ultimately they did. It was a transition point in my life where I started to trust others more, rather than always needing to be the hero. COMBATING DOUBT Writing down my concerns in my journal at night is the best way for my brain to let go, and by the time I wake up, it either doesn’t seem to matter as much as I thought or I have a solution to take action on. CAREER DREAM I envision a world where authentic people and brands are the ones winning. For some reason, I believe I can have a big impact on that and it excites, inspires and motivates me to see people stepping into their potential, heeding the call to adventure, and hearing their stories of transformation. I’ve been hard at work for years building a supportive program to help people get started called Disruptive University.