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Lamè Kinikini

Elk Ridge Management | Owner | American Fork | 32

Lamè Kinikini is getting real about real estate. As the owner, operator and founder of Elk Ridge Management, this company is a major short term rental company that Lamè and his team built from $60,000 in revenue to $8 million in under three years, acquiring over 100 doors in that time. Lamè knows how to play the games rather than sit idly by in the industry. From acquisition to design to management, Elk Ridge Management is vertically integrated and fully operational, giving it a competitive leg-up in the rental property space. Lamè is growing more and more as a trusted voice in real estate for his concrete wisdom. As he says, “Fortune favors action takers,” and he’s a living testament to that truth.

MAIN MOTIVATION Community and culture. I think it’s important to be able to stand on the shoulders of my ancestors who sailed across the sea to come live the American Dream. I’m living evidence that that Dream still exists today — especially for the Polynesian community who voyaged the seas to be here. COMBATING DOUBT Doubt is one of those things that comes constantly. Imposter syndrome has been something I’ve battled with for a long time in my career, given that I am typically one of the only Polynesians to be in the rooms I now find myself in. I’ve come to embrace this and use it as an advantage in my business transactions. Everybody is blessed with gifts given from God, no matter where you come from — and it’s never about what you do, but rather how you do it based on the gifts you are blessed with. PRINCIPLES OF SUCCESS Money always follows the person who is constantly working on becoming the best version of themselves. I tend to disagree with the sentiments that we must work in fields that get paid a lot of money at market. I like to believe that money is simply an indicator of your ability to bring value to the market – regardless of whatever capacity that is. Money will always find those who become the best versions of themselves in whatever fields they pursue. LIVING LEGACY I hope to be the person on the family tree who my posterity can trace back and determine I was the one who changed it all for everybody. CAREER DREAM My ultimate career dream is to be able to retire my entire family. Not just my parents and grandparents, but my siblings, uncles and aunties, cousins, extended family and my future posterity.