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Tyler Folkman

BENlabs | Chief Technology + AI Officer | Provo | 37

There’s a lot of chatter about AI — and in Utah Valley, Tyler Folkman should be at the top of those conversations. Tyler is the Chief Technology and AI Officer at BENlabs — an AI-driven video intelligence platform elevating brands based on data around human behavior, with portfolio companies including giants like Disney, Hulu, Dyson and General Mills. Tyler leads a team focused on data science, engineering, product, UX, AI research and advanced analytics. Before BENlabs, he was with Ancestry, where Tyler and his team’s work was recognized by the Wall Street Journal in an article titled “Ancestry Taps AI to Sift Through Millions of Obituaries.” BENlabs noticed his talent and brought him on to grow its AI and tech offerings. Tyler has an eye for AI.

MAIN MOTIVATION I enjoy trying to solve a challenging problem surrounded by super smart and motivated people. It’s exciting to overcome hard problems and see success on the other side. SHARPER SKILLS Networking. I am still not great at it, and I am pretty introverted naturally, so I’ve had to work on getting outside my comfort zone to meet new people and enjoy diverse experiences. CODE RED When things are in crisis, I think it is important to stay focused on the root cause of the problem, make a plan to address that problem, and execute. Frequently checking in on progress and updating as new information comes up is also critical. COMBATING DOUBT It’s important to not forget where you came from on your journey. Being able to look back and see your own improvement and growth can really help combat discouragement. PRINCIPLES OF SUCCESS Consistency is the main principle. I’ve been fortunate to be able to stay super consistent on improving in areas I care about, and that has made all the difference in my growth over the years. GOOD BIZ ADVICE Stay laser focused. You need focus over time to win big. Cut out the distractions. MENTOR WINS I’ve always respected Andy Grove, former CEO of Intel, for what he accomplished and how he thought about leadership in a more systematic way. LIVING LEGACY I want to have shared experiences with people I respect and care for that help us all grow and achieve things we never thought possible … experiences that we will remember forever.