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Nate Richard

Tech9 | Chief Revenue Officer | Lehi | 37

Nate Richard’s footprint has marked some of the largest companies in the valley — including Vivint and Qualtrics — where he was a consistent President’s Club Winner at both in his roles ranging from sales manager to VP of sales. At Vivint, he grew revenue from $3.6 million ARR to $40.8 million in four years. He has proven his expertise and aptitude time and time again. In 2023, he set foot on the Tech9 journey as Chief Revenue Officer. In this role, he oversees all revenue and go-to-market functions — from sales to marketing to recruiting. In and out of the office, Nate’s greatness is presidential.

PROUDEST ACCOMPLISHMENT The thing I care about the most is that I will be great in and out of the office. I aspire to be an incredible father and husband, while continuing to be one of the best revenue leaders in tech and making a lasting impression on those in my organizations. PERSONAL GROWTH I am continually reminded of how important it is to “know thyself.” Spending dedicated time each week to reflect on what I am experiencing in life has led to a much deeper understanding of how I am wired and how I react to and assess certain situations. These reflections have empowered me to know how to manage myself better and align my behaviors with who I aspire to become. CAREER DREAM Being part of another (or two) unicorn/decacorn exits; using that money to fund more investments into startups, real estate, philanthropic efforts and dreams my wife and kids have. GOOD BIZ ADVICE Do what you say you are going to do. Be the person that is always known to deliver and that others can consistently rely on. Always look for ways to add value and take on more responsibility. CAUTIONARY TALES “Follow your passion” is not the best business advice. There are a ton of things I am passionate about that wouldn’t translate successfully over into business and/or align with my long-term goals. I think it’s better to identify what you have a natural inclination for, invest in mastering that ability, then search for opportunities where you can add immense value through that expertise. LIVING LEGACY The legacy I hope to leave: 1) That I achieved success not only in business, but also was an incredible husband, father and friend — and that I was always there for the people in my life in ways that are important to them. 2) That I was able to help provide opportunities to the people in my organization to develop, grow and advance their abilities in ways that are meaningful to them in their careers/personal lives.