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Jake Hadlock

Nutriient | CEO | Lindon | 35

Jake Hadlock takes manufacturing to the max. After working on the brand side of other supplement companies in the past, he and his brother Brandon eventually evolved into product development and supplement manufacturing — which became Nutriient. Nutriient provides quality manufacturing and the ability to scale for various brands, along with formulation and flavor development in-house. The company was ranked the No. 2 fastest-growing company in the Rocky Mountain Region by Inc. Magazine this year, and listed as a Startup to Watch on BusinessQ’s 2023 UV50. Jake’s motto is to “be comfortable being uncomfortable.” He’s always willing to raise his hand and give a task his best effort, even if it’s something unfamiliar. Courage is the best nutrient, and Jake’s got it.

MAIN MOTIVATION Wanting to provide a different life and upbringing for my family than I experienced. I’m the oldest of five kids and my dad died when I was 9 years old, and I was raised by a single mom — it was tough. I’m doing everything I possibly can so my kids don’t know what that’s like. SHARPER SKILLS Asking for help and delegating is a skill I’ve gained. Being the oldest child, I felt like I had to be the superhero. Once my business started growing faster than I could keep up with on my own, I realized that asking for help, delegating and being vulnerable with my team is what helps the business grow. GOOD BIZ ADVICE Travis Parry (former owner/founder of now Innovative Labs in Spanish Fork) met with me after I started Nutriient and could see I was run-down. He warned me to be careful with this business (service-based B2B contract manufacturing) because the customers want what they want when they want it, so you have to set strong boundaries to protect yourself or it will consume you. Combating DOUBT I think there is such a thing as a healthy amount of doubt to keep us grounded; nobody likes dealing with a know-it-all. I try to surround myself with really smart people who are better than me at different things so that, as a team, we are unstoppable. CAUTIONARY TALES Watch our for anyone who has the attitude of winning at other people’s expense. Just because some people pursue business that way doesn’t make it right. PRINCIPLES OF SUCCESS Be comfortable being uncomfortable. Think long-term: Don’t be simply transactional and only think about what can be won or gained today. Embrace diversity.