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Amy Worthington

BambooHR | Director of Product | Draper/Lindon | 36

Amy Worthington’s fuel comes from solving meaningful problems — so what better place to be than BambooHR? She joined the company because of the principled leadership and empowering culture that sets HR leaders free to do great work. Her career journey has led through winding roads with stops at a media agency, United Way of Salt Lake, Lendio and now BambooHR. At Lendio, she was the Employee of the Year in 2016. At BambooHR, she won the Unsung Hero Award in 2018. Beyond “professional,” Amy is active and passionate in the community. She has spent time with Make-A-Wish Utah, Mothers Without Borders, The Cereal Project and is currently a race ambassador for the Goldilocks Cycling Event. Whether at work or after-hours, people are her purpose.

MAIN MOTIVATION Anything I can do to be in the service of others is where I find my flow — whether it be in developing great products that help customers, connecting with and supporting a team member, or just being someone’s cheerleader. Every day is about people for me. PERSONAL GROWTH I have worked really hard to foster a balance between confidence and charity. I can be bold, clear, curious, and maintain productive boundaries while also being compassionate, earnest and kind. SHARPER SKILLS A skill I’ve gained is being willing to start without having all the answers. It can be hard to move if there’s still some ambiguity, and it has taken a lot of deliberate focus to overcome the desire to have all the answers and instead choose to act, be open, and be willing to figure out answers along the way. COMBATING DOUBT I ask for help as soon as possible. Getting stuck in an unproductive cycle of thought has never lead to great outcomes for me. I am exceptionally lucky to have friends who listen, get curious, offer care and empathy, and help me get out of my own way. GOOD BIZ ADVICE There is no “becoming” without consistency. LIVING LEGACY I’m on a quest to continue to prove that if — as a business and a leader — you focus on your people, your people will take care of your customers, and your customers will take care of the business. PRINCIPLES OF SUCCESS Listen more than you talk. Get curious. Ask for help early and often. Default to trusting others. Fact check the stories you tell yourself. Embrace reality. Own your outcomes. More joy!