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Emmanual Nnah

CarGuyz Motors | Owner | American Fork | 38

Emmanuel Nnah has horsepower — and his company CarGuyz Motors can attest. Lamborghini Aventador, McLaren 650S, Porsche Cayenne — all we hear is “dream car.” And that’s only the surface of this automotive dealership’s inventory. Emmanuel has built a company by finding, customizing and building exotic and luxury cars, and CarGuyz Motors has crested $40 million in total sales since inception with an average 45% YOY growth since 2020. Those are stats to get revved up about. But beyond changing the way people view exotic car ownership, Emmanuel’s overarching resolve is to care for people and leave them better than he found them.

MAIN MOTIVATION My family and my kids. Also, my passion and love for cars and people. Our clients work hard and have achieved a level of success to be able to afford what we sell. It’s super motivating to hear their stories, and I take little nuggets from them to help push me along the way. Personal growth A way I’ve seen myself grow is in trusting people and delegating. It’s hard to let go of control sometimes, but I’ve learned that as you teach and train great people, it leads to greater accomplishments. As an owner and leader, I’ve learned that I need to work “on” my business sometimes and not just “in” my business. SHARPER SKILLS Money management is a skill that I needed to learn FAST. It’s a skill that isn’t taught enough. When running a business like mine, understanding what you have coming in and what you have going out can make or break you. Own the numbers. Refine the numbers. COMBATING DOUBT Work harder. Remove outside distractions and noise. My mindset has always been that doubt doesn’t solve any problems — it’s just noise trying to break my focus. MENTOR WINS Most influential would be my dad. He taught me that no matter what I do, or what level of financial success I achieve, family and faith always come first. PRINCIPLES OF SUCCESS 1) Surround yourself with people who view problems optimistically, and you’re more likely to stumble upon the right answer! 2) Hard work isn’t a differentiator — it’s an expectation. 3) Don’t bite off more than you can chew! People these days want to have 17 side businesses and 49 streams of passive income … and they want all of them to pop off in the first 90 days. It’s not a bad thing, but distraction is the No. 1 killer of success. To be successful, you need to grind, you need to focus on your goal, and be patient enough to see it through.