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Cierra Clayson

Minky Couture | Brand Manager | Mapleton/Ogden | 35

Meet the Minky brand queen — Cierra Clayson. Cierra is a master of connections, creating and managing partnerships within Utah County (including those with Crumbl, UVU and Varsity Spirit) and maintaining Minky Couture’s active involvement in the community. She’s a proud supporter of women in business and is active in the Women’s Business Network Advisory Board through the Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce. Through her two years with Minky, Cierra has seen herself become fearless, and this strength bolsters each aspect of her life, from her business to her three boys. From Minky to “Mom,” Cierra brings a smile to each role.

MAIN MOTIVATION My three boys! As a single mom, I want to be able to provide for them and also have them be proud of the work I am doing. Whether it’s a speaking engagement, receiving an award, or waiting after school for them with homemade chocolate chip cookies, I do everything for them! PERSONAL GROWTH Returning to the workforce two years ago after raising three boys was initially daunting. I chose to push my fears aside and gradually started tackling goals, one by one, until I found success. Failures are inevitable, but it’s how you move forward that matters. COMBATING DOUBT When I joined Minky Couture, they told me I was the only person on their marketing team in Utah County. They wanted more brand awareness and for me to create deeper relationships within the community. I had to remind myself daily to have courage and to know I was capable of not only succeeding, but thriving in my role. That meant attending several events alone and creating new relationships to further the company. It was challenging to go through it alone, and like everyone else, I faced moments of discouragement. However, it was essential for me to persevere and give my utmost effort to achieve success. MENTOR WINS I look up to Sandi Hendry, the owner and founder of Minky Couture. Not only has she created a multi million dollar company with ONE blanket, but the impact she has had on thousands of people is truly remarkable. She is committed to “blanketing the world with hope and comfort.” Her determination and capacity to donate blankets to NICU’s and individuals facing adversity is unparalleled. GOOD BIZ ADVICE Put relationships over connections. Anyone can create a connection, but building a relationship with someone should be the ultimate goal.