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Cassidy Gonzalez

Nectar | SVP of People and Culture | Lehi | 33

With Cassidy Gonzalez, every day is a people party. She might just be the HR queen due to the influence she has made throughout her professional journey! Cassidy previously served as the conference chair for the Utah Society for Human Resource Management Conference and helped orchestrate the 2024 Culture Builder’s Summit (which drew over 1300 registrants). Before Nectar, she worked as head of people experience at LVT and VP of people at Pura. This year, the CEO of Nectar recruited Cassidy to join their squad. She’s having a blast leading recruiting efforts, onboarding, talent management, connecting with clients for demos and more. But her proudest accomplishment? Bringing three cute kiddos into the world. At home and at work, Cassidy loves the people party.

MAIN MOTIVATION I love knowing that I can make people happier at work. Happier employees mean happier spouses, neighbors, friends, etc. SHARPER SKILLS I’ve gotten better at negotiating. I was taught by a colleague that it’s not a win in a negotiation if the other party doesn’t consider it a win. You can’t negotiate to the point that the other party is suffering a hardship by an agreement. CODE RED During Covid, not only did I have to quickly pivot Utah’s largest HR conference to go fully remote, I also had to navigate leading a workforce of nearly 200 employees in several different states through salary cuts, layoffs, unemployment, etc. It truly tested my resiliency and resourcefulness. COMBATING DOUBT I remind myself I have a 100 percent track record of getting through hard days. It’s also helpful for me to write down everything taking up space in my brain that could be leading to the doubt. PRINCIPLES OF SUCCESS I’ve always tried to stay committed to learning. I’m also naturally very optimistic and try to be very likable. It’s helpful to build a network, lead a workforce, or share knowledge when you are a trusted, likable and fun person! GOOD BIZ ADVICE “Do the work, the money will follow.” Knowing this, I’ve been confident enough to take pay cuts for the right roles that led to growth. I’m glad I didn’t feel the pressure to always make compensation the deciding factor. LIVING LEGACY I want to be remembered as the nicest, coolest HR lady ever! I want people to appreciate the value I provided for them without expecting anything in return. I want each workplace I’ve been a part of to continue to be a fantastic workplace for all.