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Cassandra Moore

Savory Fund | Senior Designer | Lehi | 37

In the restaurant business, “5 stars” isn’t enough to rate Cassandra Moore’s graphic design work — in reality, it’s more like 5,000 stars. Cassandra has completed more than 5,000 diverse design projects throughout her design career (and influenced 3,500+ more), plus spearheaded design initiatives for over 75 restaurant openings with Savory Fund. Thanks to her, brand identities for restaurant concepts have clearer creative vision and impactful design solutions. Cassandra has designed murals, billboards, flyers, menus, brand identities, car wraps and so many more projects. She even led the re-branding efforts for Mo’ Bettahs Hawaiian Style Food, transforming its visual identity to resonate with their audience while paying tribute to the authentic Hawai’i the founders grew up with. Cassandra takes 5 stars to 5,000 stars.

MAIN MOTIVATION I thrive on the opportunity to work closely with people, understand their needs and translate them into impactful design solutions. Witnessing the excitement and positive impact my designs bring is incredibly fulfilling. SHARPER SKILL A skill I’ve gained is communication. For all you middle children out there, you most likely relate. I have always been an introvert and tend to shy away from conversation. I’ve learned to embrace and hear others — and find my own voice in the process. COMBATING DOUBT Spending hours on a project, not knowing how it will be perceived, always kicks on the ol’ imposter syndrome. I’ve found sharing my process and research that go into my decision-making is a great security blanket for those emotions. Once you have done thousands of projects, you learn to work with all types of personalities and it’s not always the right fit — and that’s okay. Get creative and keep going. GOOD BIZ ADVICE “Go ‘til you hear glass.” My Pa uses that metaphor when asking yourself what the limit is for opportunity. MENTOR WINS Herb Lubalin and Alexey Brodovitch. Both designers broke boundaries and forever changed the way people think about visual information. Lubalin was one of the first designers to use typography as art rather than just typing out words. Brodovitch was known for ripping up his work to reinvent it. It’s that out-of-box thinking that motivates me to take risks. CAREER DREAM My dream is to continue building my freelance business, Cameo Design, which specializes in visual problem-solving.