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Contributor of the Year The Modersitzki Family

Generosity is not new to the Modersitzki family. As their business interests have grown (think Pelion), so have their donations (think UVU). So when Sandy Modersitzki texted her husband, Blake, to see if they could increase their donation to the Primary Promise campaign from $1 million to $10 million, she wasn’t surprised when he texted back “OK.” 

  But Blake was surprised when he finally read through the text conversation to see what he had hastily said “OK” to.
   “I had glanced down during my meetings and seen that there were several texts from Sandy, but it looked like casual things like, ‘Can you pick up milk on the way home?’ I didn’t realize what she was actually asking until a few hours later,” Blake laughs.
   This fortuitous miscommunication led to the Modersitzki family being one of the lead donors of the Intermountain Primary Children’s Hospital, Larry H. & Gail Miller Family Campus in Lehi. 


   Sandy and Blake are Idaho natives who have raised their three daughters in Alpine. Family is top of the list for both of them, with their priorities of time and money being squarely focused on multiple generations of their family tree. 

   Several years ago, one branch of that tree faced terminal illness, and Sandy’s young niece lost her battle. 

   “When my niece was sick, I made a commitment that if I was ever in a position to give back to Primary Children’s in some form or fashion, that we would absolutely do it,” Sandy says. “And now to walk in this beautiful building and see our name on the wall is so overwhelming. This hospital is going to be a blessing to so many people in Utah County who have had to travel multiple times per week to get services for their children.” 

   In January 2024, the Modersitzki family and friends gathered to celebrate in the very space they have sponsored — the Blake and Sandy Modersitzki Family Education and Conference Center, with multiple rooms for gathering and ongoing education. The hospital officially opened for patients in February. 


   While Blake spends his days investing in businesses and leading growth trajectories, his balance sheet is tipped fiercely toward family. At the event marking the donation, Blake and Sandy yielded the floor to their three daughters: McCall Weekes, Ally Hunter and Claire Modersitzki. The daughters outlined the six family values: Education, Gratitude, Service, Adventure, Family and God. 

   “God guides, service gives, gratitude remembers, family supports, adventures bond and education empowers us to be better members of society,” said McCall and Ally in their joint presentation that included humor, personal jokes, sincerity and inspiration. 

   Blake said that the most exciting part about this philanthropic donation was that his family is on board. 

   “We are people of faith, and those from the other side spoke to us and we knew what we were supposed to do,” Blake says. “The other exciting part for us is the way our kids have embraced what we’re doing. We are in agreement about what to do with our family name and the legacy we want to create together.” 


   Sandy and her daughters lovingly call Blake “Big B,” and their gratitude for his work ethic and generosity is apparent in social media posts and public appearances. His traits have become family traits.  

   “Blake and Sandy are shining examples of generosity to me and my sisters,” Ally says. “They give time and money to multiple organizations, as well as boards they sit on. Their legacy in the purest form is not measured by the wealth they have amassed, but by the lives they have touched and the hearts they inspire.” 

   Although the daughters have watched their parents create financial success, they’ve also watched the creation of positivity and legacy that transcends digits and oversized checks. Their example can be personalized and implemented by anyone at any stage of life. 

   “Each one of us can craft a narrative that echoes the values we hold dear,” Ally says. 

   Her older sister, McCall, completes the thought, “Philanthropy is not solely the calling of the wealthy.” 

   In fact, one of the most impactful acts she saw her father perform was to drop $20 in the jar of a young entrepreneur for “a very sub-par cup of Country Time lemonade.” 

   Blake metaphorically does this on a much larger scale with Pelion Venture Partners, which invests in talented entrepreneurs in Utah and beyond. The company’s impressive new headquarters in Draper signals their belief in Utah’s economy and their role in growing it.  


   They call themselves the Mod Squad — and the rest of us also like that moniker so we don’t have to triple-check the spelling of Modersitzki. But no matter how many syllables it takes to thank the Modersitzkis, it’s well-earned. 

   From Sandy’s niece who passed, to a great-grandmother who became a nurse later in life, the Modersitzki name fits Primary Children’s like hand and glove, like promises made and promises kept.