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Karalynne Call

CEO + Founder Just Ingredients City Orem

Karalynne created a worldwide community clamoring for clean products and protein powder, but it started with a simple personal commitment to live a healthy lifestyle and eradicate toxins from her daily use. She made this shift after struggling with suicidal depression, where she was ignoring warning signs from her body that were telling her to make changes. “Making this commitment truly saved my life and transformed my family’s future, and I felt a calling to help others do the same,” Karalynne says. The magic began. Karalynne struggled to find health products with high-standard ingredients she was willing to use, so in true entrepreneurial style, she formulated her own line: Just Ingredients. In fall 2019, she launched clean deodorant and face serum, followed by her best-selling protein powder, tooth powder, supplement drinks and more. “As a company, we believe nature provides the necessary ingredients for people to live healthy, happy lives full of energy. It’s our mission to share that with the world.”

After starting my own healing journey, I developed a passion for educating people about healthier swaps. There were accounts that listed things to stay away from, but nothing that shined a light on what products you should be using. When I started sharing product swaps on Instagram, I was blown away by how deeply my content resonated with people. I hit 10,000 followers in December 2018 and it’s snow-balled since! (Now, she has 1 million followers!)

Over the years, I’ve tried dozens of protein powders and always ended up disappointed. So, being someone who is always up for a challenge and thinking I couldn’t be the only one facing this struggle, I decided to make my own protein powder — one with multiple sources of protein, nothing artificial added in, and with organic ingredients that nourish the body. After months of hearing it couldn’t be done, after countless taste tests — we finally did it. The very first time we launched our protein powder, it felt like magic. 

In September, Just Ingredients became the official protein powder of the Utah Jazz. Also, Just Ingredients was recognized as No. 8 in Utah’s Fast 50 growing companies. Both these high-profile accomplishments are so exciting and a testament to the incredible Just Ingredients team! Other great moments include  Bryce Harper holding our protein during a photo op for the Phillies,  and when we moved into our very own warehouse!

As a child, I was so afraid of talking to people and never wanted to be on camera. Pretty ironic now considering I spend so much of my time in front of the camera and talking to others! I like to think of it as proof that sometimes our biggest fears can become our biggest strengths. 

Our core values: 1) Family first. 2) We practice complete transparency when it comes to the testing of our products and ingredients, and we hold ourselves to that same high standard of honesty. 3) Education. We try to teach in every interaction with our customers and are open to learning from one another. 4) Kindness is an overarching value of ours we strive to embody in every interaction. 5) Our team’s commitment to communication helps us hurdle obstacles together.

’m a mom, wife, sister, aunt, daughter, friend, podcast host, social media influencer, CEO, leader, content creator, blogger, chef, baker — the list goes on!

Hit the gym, pray, get my kids off to school, enjoy a nutritious breakfast with a Just Ingredients protein shake, then get to work. 

I love spending time with my family! I’m so grateful for our game nights and family dinners. They’re so special to me and allow me to be in the moment.

Helmet! I love to ski, and I can’t stress enough how important it is to always protect your head.

My favorite networking event is hands-down Natural Products Expo West! It’s a massive trade show in California that showcases natural, organic and healthy products. I’m always so pleasantly surprised when I see how many companies are working hard to provide better choices for people. It continues to inspire me! 

Problems will always arise — it’s inevitable. But in these moments when stress is high, learning how to manage your stress can make all the difference. That’s going to look different for everyone, but a simple way to help is to breathe properly. Your body will thank you!